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A steward is effectively a judge's assistant. They collect the Maxeys from the section tables, bring them to the judge and prepare them. This means removing all bedding and placing it behind the correct Maxey, ready for the judge to take the mouse out and inspect it. Care must be taken that the correct bedding remains with each Maxey so that all mice receive bedding and do not get other bedding which may be contaminated (e.g. with mites).

When you are stewarding it is forbidden to offer an opinion on a mouse within earshot of the judge. However, you can ask questions after each class has been judged - for example, you might ask the judge to point out good and bad points of a mouse in order to get an idea of the variety.

When the judge has finished judging a class he will tear a slip out of his judge's book with the results on (winning pen numbers) which must be taken to the show secretary. This slip will then be used to write out prize cards for the correct exhibitor or stud. Remember that the judge does not know who the exhibits belong to and as such you must not mention the owner of a mouse if you know who it is.

Stewarding is the best way to get to see all the mice close up. It will enable you to get an idea of what each variety should look like, its faults and, if you are lucky, what an outstanding example looks like.

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