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With regular contact and correct handling mice can be easily tamed and will love coming out of their tank for playtime. Children can easily handle mice correctly, and will love playing with them.

Handling Mice By Cait McKeown - How to properly pick your mouse up and play with it, as well as how to begin the socialisation process.

Socialising/Taming Your Mouse By Cait McKeown - Get shy mice to 'come out of their shell' and enjoy interacting with humans.

Behaviour By Cait McKeown - An explanation of different behaviour signs and what they mean, with illustrations.

Do Mice Make Good Pets? By Cait McKeown

Handling the Pups By Cait McKeown - Approaches and explores the complicated and delicate process of handling and checking on new litters.

Performing Mice: Do They Do Tricks? By Cait McKeown - Many people seem to want to know the answer to this question when they get a pet mouse; read this for the answers.

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