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I think that I have to start off by saying that it is up to you whether you name your mice or not. People who keep mice as pets usually do choose names for their mice, but those who breed vast numbers do not. Personally I have been laughed at a few times for naming my mice, since I have so many. My opinion is that they have individual personalities, so why shouldn't they each have a different name too? It's also quite difficult to distinguish between so many mice sometimes without giving them individual names - I would hate to have to say 'that one' or 'the one with the big ears' all the time in order to communicate which mouse I was referring to. Again, breeders get around this by keeping mice in numbered boxes with record cards, but time spent with the mice is inevitably lower and less personal.

If you are reading this page you have probably already decided to name your mouse, so I will move on to that instead. The names that my mice get come from various sources. For example, I will name a mouse after a friend (Gabriel) or the person who gave it to me (Gina), or look up the meanings of names on the Internet and choose something suitable. For example, I will search sites of baby names by meaning and find something that matches the mouse's personality, behaviour or colour, e.g. 'loyal', 'agile' or 'black', and then choose a name for the mouse from the results.

Sometimes names will suggest themselves. Perhaps the name of the place where you got the mouse or even the name of the assistant (if they were nice). Pairs or groups of mice can always have names that complement one another. A lot of people follow a theme from a favourite film or book and use the characters' names for their mice. Once at school I knew a girl who named her two kittens Scratch and Sniff! The only rule is that you must choose a name you like, since the mouse will have that name for its whole life - but that's it, it's that simple. Below are a few links to some baby name sites on the internet where you may want to begin your search.



Search for names - Search by Name, Origin or Meaning.




Indian Names

Collection of Name Sites

Large BE cream doe (Gina) next to tiny (15g) BE broken Cassidy, so called because she was bought from a pet shop with an injured back leg

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