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This page is full of mousey links that may help you with any further information you require. If you have a good link that you would like to see added, please feel free to email me.

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The National Mouse Club Official website of the UK's largest club dedicated to breeding and showing fancy mice.

The London & Southern Counties Mouse & Rat Club  A website containing information on mice along with varieties and photos. The club holds shows at Enfield, UK and is affiliated to the NMC. The site has pages on the standards of fancy mice.

Finnmouse's Site  Home of the Finnish Mouse Club, with good photos and information. Also contains information on zebra and spiny mice. Also has a varieties section with some photos and a link to a plethora of genetics information.

AFRMA  American Fancy Rat and Mice Association. Also containing pages on the standards for fancy mice and ideal markings of mice. The site has a good article on brindle mice.

Seawatch Stud (Weston-Super-Mare, UK) Fancy mice exhibitors in the South West.

Rodentfancy.com  An interesting message board/discussion forum with different sections for all kinds of rodents, including mice and rats.

The Jackson Laboratory

Fur and Feather Magazine  English magazine covering small livestock fancies, including mice.

Baytril website

Mice Discussion Groups

Fancy Mice Breeders A UK based forum for good quality hobby and exhibition breeders

The Fun Mouse Forum A US based forum for pet owners and breeders

All About Mice A UK based forum for pet mice owners


Tarot Rats article about brindles.

Information about diseases in mice


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