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The following pages will explain common and not so common diseases and illnesses of mice and include ways that you can check your own pet's health.

Illnesses and Health Problems

Learn How to Give Your Mouse a Check-up By Cait McKeown

Health Check List (Post-operative and Illness) (can be used at any time) A form to help you work out how healthy your mouse is.

Medicines For Mice and How to Administer Them By Cait McKeown

How to Find a Good Vet By Cait McKeown - What to look for and checks to make.

How to Tell if Your Pet is Ill or in Pain - Ways to tell if your mouse is suffering and/or needs a visit to the vet.

Ringworm By Cait McKeown How to treat the problem.

Glaucoma - The Facts - One of the rarer afflictions of mice that can be passed down through families in many animals. This page explores symptoms, causes and treatments (both conventional and homeopathic). A lot of the advice given to humans with this problem is easily applicable to mice to help alleviate the condition's effects.

Facts About Pneumonia - Pneumonia is a serious illness that can easily be fatal in mice if not treated. This information is taken from various sources written about pneumonia in humans, although most of it is still applicable and useful in the case of mice.

Real Life Case Studies By Cait McKeown - Read about the following real life case studies of various conditions affecting mice:

Immune Deficiency (see also post above)

My Views on Different Methods of Euthanasia By Cait McKeown

Euthanasia Guidelines - List of signs that indicate the necessity of euthanasia and a diagram of how euthanasia using CO2 is performed.

When is Euthanasia Appropriate? Includes guidelines and physical indicators that euthanasia is necessary, with helpful tables of data to help you assess your own mouse's state.

Controversial Euthanasia Methods - Definitions, Policies and Guidelines

Euthanasia – The Carbon Dioxide Debate By Joe Willmore

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