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As always, there are some things that don't fit neatly into a category and the pages below are just such things. Any suggestions for more pages are welcome, as are submissions.

Why Keep Mice As Pets? By Cait McKeown

Choosing Mice: Part One By Cait McKeown - General information about what to do when you are planning to choose pet mice. See Part Two for an extensive list of checkpoints.

Choosing Mice: Part Two By Cait McKeown - A comprehensive list of questions to get answered when you are choosing a mouse. Helpful to print out and take with you to any breeder or shop where you intend to buy a mouse.

How Many Mice Should I Get? By Cait McKeown - Answers to the question of whether mice can be kept alone or whether they are better off in groups.

Raising Mice By Cait McKeown - General article about what it is like to keep mice as pets.

What Do I Do About My Mice If I Have To Go Away? By Cait McKeown

Naming Your Mice By Cait McKeown - Where to go for some more ideas and how to think up original names.

How Long Do Mice Live? By Cait McKeown

Lifestyles and Adaptability of Wild House Mice

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