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Food and water are two of the most basic requirements for all animals and mice are no exception. The pages below will show you how to provide a good diet for your mice, not just a basic one. They will also advise on treats, diets, allergies and special considerations for pregnant, nursing and baby mice.

Feeding Your Mice By Cait McKeown - What to feed your mice, how much and when.

What I Feed My Mice By Cait McKeown

Additional Foods & Treats By Cait McKeown

What NOT To Feed Your Mice By Cait McKeown - Some foods can provoke allergies or upset stomachs, so to avoid these make sure you are clued up on what foods are and aren't safe.

Food Related Problems & Obese/Fat Mice By Cait McKeown - Including the 'allergy' diet I used for my buck with immune deficiency disorder.

Serving Food & Containers By Cait McKeown - The best and most suitable options to contain your mouse's food and water.

Mouse Diets in Laboratories - A breakdown of the ingredients and proportions used in rat and mouse laboratory diets. Interesting reading but not necessarily the perfect diet for pet or show mice.

Lab Diets - Another example of a laboratory formulated diet for mice including detailed list of components and recommended percentages.

Food Fit For A… Mouse? By Cait McKeown - Article on the importance of a good diet.

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