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Mice are notorious for their rapid breeding and large litters, but there is more to raising a healthy and successful litter than just putting a male and a female together and waiting. In this section you will find resources to help you through the breeding and birth process, as well as after care and advice on how to socialise the babies.

Breeding & Reproduction By Cait McKeown

The Breeding Process

First Time Mother? By Cait McKeown - If this is the first time you have ever bred mice, or you find yourself with a surprise litter, read this page for help and advice.

The Pet Shop Sold Me a Male and a Female – What Do I Do Now? By Cait McKeown - Answers to questions often asked in this all-too-common situation.

Is Your Mouse Pregnant? By Cait McKeown - Includes signs that your mouse may be pregnant as well as photos for comparison.

During & After Birth By Cait McKeown - What to do before, during and after the birth of a litter, as well as what is normal and what to expect.

Looking After the Babies By Cait McKeown - Explains what baby mice are like, how to care for them and feed them. Also contains information about weaning.

How Babies Develop By Cait McKeown - Following the babies through the stages to adulthood, including photos.

Sexing Mice: Part One Various authors

Sexing Mice: Part Two By Cait McKeown - Detailed information and description of how to sex mice including photos to help illustrate.

Handling the Pups By Cait McKeown - Learn when and how to handle the pups before it gets to the crucial stage.

Getting Started: Breeding Mice By Cait McKeown - The all-in-one simple guide.

Culling & Fostering

Effects of a Foreign Male on Pregnancy and Pup Survival

Infertility In Does: At What Age Does It Occur? By Cait McKeown - My observations on this frequently asked question.

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